32 and making new friends! Why is it such a task?

Am I going through some form of mid life crisis, I wonder? Or is this what happens when you’re 30 and beyond! Often wonder why is it so hard for adults to make friends? I am a fairly sociable person, so why is it this hard?

After moving from Melbourne to Gold Coast for the year and now moving back to Melbourne, I realised that life can be so isolating when we don’t have good friends around. I’ve only had to do that one move but boy was it hard. Why can’t we just be like kids and be friends?


After many months, I made some good ones, that too thankfully from going back to doing some studying.

Perhaps we are just too caught up with life, kids, work etc leaving us not much more time to put into developing friendships? Or is it because we just become judgmental when we meet other adults/parents that we tend to stay away from those that we think just don’t cut it to be our friends? I do often wonder. For now, I am thankful to be heading Melbourne way, where most of my good friends are. In saying that, some friendships haven’t really survived this long distance. And that’s just something I have come to accept. Just need to cherish the ones that survived!

Have you had similar issues with finding new good friends as an adult? Share below, so I know I am not alone..