I count you TWICE…

Being a parent brings with it many wonderful emotions. The joys, the wonders, the occasional anger and frustration, the laughter and the sorrows. Coupled with my hormonal roller coaster!!! spells a very sooky mummy! Great! Just GREAT!

I was just having a conversation with a friend over the weekend, who is now a mom to a gorgeous little girl. And as we were doing what moms do, exchanging notes…we both said this almost simultaneously, ‘Isn’t it funny how we think our child is always the best?’…whoops! yup, self-confessed dotting moms!

But this got me thinking about my little girl, now a beautiful two and a half-year old. First of all, where did the time go? Honestly I know all parents would say this! but really where has it gone? I was home with her on maternity leave for almost nine months, watched her every move, and breath almost (except the times when I was able to convince myself that she is sleeping safely in a safe environment)! so really where has it gone? I know we’ve celebrated two birthdays, and she’s now speaking words and sentences I am amazed at each day. But the more I look at her, the more I count my blessings for the time, although gone by, has resulted in this beautiful child standing in front of me, blossoming into this talking, occasionally disobedient little thing!


This wooden plague that sits proudly in her room, says a lot about her. As all children are a blessing, I believe mine is my blessing. She shows me many things only she is able to. She comforts me in ways only she can. And she loves in a way only she can.

I am pretty sure there will come a time between babyhood and toddler-hood that a parent will stop to wonder how did that baby you birthed not very long ago, transform into this little human being. Pretty sure this thought will come by..

And I think I am at that junction now.

Standing here watching her go from a baby to a toddler, wondering this. Wondering if I can stop time. And if I can….HOW!

But for now, I am appreciating every moment. Every bit of her. Every hug. Every cuddle. Every cry for ‘mom’. Everything. Soaking it all in, for I know time will not be waiting for me. So I’ve got to grasp it, not let it slip through my fingers. And count my blessings…TWICE.

For moms of toddlers, do you often wonder how that tiny little baby you birthed not too long ago, is now a real person, standing in front of you? Do you often wonder where the time has gone? 

Thanks for reading!

XO monica

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