Weekend Rewind: the year gone by celebrated. to a bigger & better one!

So it was my turn last week to turn a year older, to which I say Hoorah! YUP. This year was a funny one. The countdown began quite a few months back, possibly due to the fear of turning a year older. Then I forgot about it all. But suddenly remembered at the start of the month. And it became more real once Husband man asked me what I would like for my birthday! And BANG! Just like that, the fear set in. Two weeks leading up to the dreaded 17th, I was in denial. All of a sudden I wanted to forget it. I didn’t want to celebrate. Which for me was new. I love birthdays. Even if it’s a quiet cake and wine…I still love the effort and act of celebrating one.

Anyways, I let it slide. I talked myself out of the crazy thoughts I had about growing older. Much to my perfectionist personality, it was a time I reflected on the year gone by and my achievements. There was a whole lot of questions that came across my mind, many to which I had a simple ‘no, not achieved yet’ as an answer. But to my delight, I also had as many ‘yes, I have done that’, ‘thankful for having achieved that’ and ‘YES! grateful for the opportunity to do that’ replies.

Once that was on paper (I’m still old school, paper and pen girl when it comes to talking myself into or out of something), I felt better! And then I was happy to get to the 17th! But of course, I am not the queen, and there’s no public holiday for me…so off to work I went. It was a good day though, my patients were all alerted to it being my birthday, so it was all smiles!

My birthday though lasted a week…

It started off very well! at 6.30am, as bubs and I, half eye open drag ourselves to the kitchen for breakkie, there it is! Birthday goodies! YIPPEE! who doesn’t love birthday goodies…

IMG_5194It was opened faster than it was probably wrapped! That beautiful bag I have been eyeing for a while..Oh husband man! You delivered. Good man, you watched and felt my urge for that bag!

So off to work I went, bag in tow..(oh YES, there was no need for waiting here)

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

It was a loooong day at work, but made much better with this bag, and this bright orange blazer I picked up from my recent travels to Singapore (it’s a ZARA!). Ended the night with dinner at home and a glass of wine!

Then came the weekend treat! Another surprise planned by hubby and bestie! We visited the Port Philip Estate Winery in Red Hill, Victoria. Amazing views, lovely three course meal, and time spent with the people I love most, husband, my little girl, bestie and her husband.

IMG_5378 IMG_5381IMG_5383IMG_5402

So that was my birthday this year. It was quiet, nonetheless, and funnily, one of the best I’ve had. Perhaps, it’s the realisation that many a times, it’s not the success we’ve had so far or the failures we’ve gone through, but more the attitude with which we go through it all that matters. Learning from the past, making improvements to go through it all, with a new take on life. Perhaps it’s the wisdom that comes with age. Perhaps…it’s that glass of wine I had just before writing this post. Perhaps! Perhaps! Perhaps!

What does your ideal birthday look like? Drop me a line!

xox monica

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