laugh..laugh out loud.

IMG_5105Laughter is a funny thing isn’t it? (no pun intended)! It’s got a way of spreading joy through the room. I am a natural laugher..(is there even such a word?). I laugh quite easily, and if I must say, often quite loudly. When I laugh, it’s a whole-hearted laugh. Occasionally also doing the roll around, the fist hitting the seat action and wide opened mouth showing off the back of my throat…YES possibly all at once as well! (what a scene isn’t it?)!

I have always been this way, as far as I can remember I used to do it even as a child. My parents sometimes had to tell me off or at least to get me to close my mouth. BUT when I do that, i don’t feel like I’m laughing anymore. That is a smile to me.

Now, I often do it with my little girl. She has learnt to laugh like me! OH YES…! I find it so hilarious when she tries to mimic me, as she is at that age where she learns everything by watching us. Is that a bad thing? Not when it comes to laughing I say.

I think it’s good to know how to laugh things off. Whether a joke, an uninvited comment or an annoying situation. I think it is a great skill. It helps change your mood. It helps lighten up the situation. And it helps you move on to the next step, finding a solution to a problem rather than dwelling in it.

In saying that, it’s just not possible to laugh off a problem all the time..but at least it can help take you to a happier place, when you’re ready.

So I say…laugh! Laugh out loud. Laugh as though no one is watching. It is contagious, so go on and spread the joy!

Do you laugh often? Are you a laugher? How do you express yourself when something is funny?

xox monica

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