doing something for yourself…because it’s important!

Last Friday I attended a workshop organised and run by the fabulous ladies from Put Your Heart Into It. It was held in a beautiful Haymes Paint showroom in Southbank, Melbourne. This workshop was their Mothers Day DIY workshop, and on offer was the opportunity to learn and paint a wooden wine box using Haymes Paint, learn the art of floral arrangement and a session on making organic skin care. And the best part of it? For $95, with all material included, you get to take home all you make for the night! Oh and of course, there was wine and nibbles to add to the fun of the night 🙂

When I signed up for this workshop, what excited me most was the fact that it was something I got to do for myself. As a mom, a wife, a working woman, there really is not much time left for yourself…I often find, I am getting through each day with so much to do, and so much left to do, that there is hardly ever much time to get out and do what I enjoy most. So when this opportunity came up, I felt it was a good one to get to, not only to learn new skills which I can and will definitely be putting to great use creating some lovely things around the house, but also to meet new people, have some laughs and enjoy a good night out.

And this was evident when I walked into the house, and hubby said…

‘You look like you’ve had a good night!’…Indeed I have!

I painted, got my hands messy, arranged some beautiful roses, made some skin care, met some new friends, had a glass of wine! What more can you ask for a Friday night out? Happy mummy!


Painted a raw wood wine box using the beautiful range of colours supplied by Haymes Paint, turning it into a flower vase (multiple uses for this beautiful box) & made a bottle of facial moisturiser using essential oils.

So what I want to put out there is this..sometimes you do need to do things for yourself. Whether its attending a workshop, a night out to the movies or the theatre, or a night in with some girl friends. You need to do it for yourself! It’s good to recharge once in a while, it keeps your engine running smoothly.

I certainly will be doing more of these, after the one I attended last week, I have now realised how much I need to have some time out like that. It was refreshing…INSPIRING.

Have you attended a DIY workshop or a workshop of any kind and did you enjoy it? How did you feel after having that time out for yourself? 

Would love to know…also to encourage other moms or busy woman out there, to have some time out for themselves.

Leave some love below! Thanks Lifeastylers…

lifeastyled Stylefile: when the sun shines!

Melbourne has been wet and gloomy for the last five days and today the sun decided to come out! Woopa! So it was time to bring out the colours. It is a very interesting phenomena that when the sun comes out, we find it easy to choose colours, and when it’s gloomy, the brain decides greys, navy’s and blacks are the go to’s! Well my brain at least. What I wore? Given that it was a rather warm day, there was really no need to rug up. Despite my child being in sleeveless, mummy still needed a little more than that thanks to very poor tolerance to cold, so it was a day for my all time fav kimono to come out.



photo 1

IMG_3449Here I am wearing:

Printed kimono, Mika&Gala – bought from Dishh – last season, but there are some cape’s that are lovely, which  you can view here, black singlet from Zara @$14.95, skinny jeans Dotti (core ankle zip mid blue, @$69.95), earrings from a market in Gold Coast, recent investment ankle boots bonbons @$80.00

Do you get excited when the sun comes out to play? Do you tend to bring out the summery outfits? Or have they all been packed away? MIne is still at the front of the cupboard, given Melbourne’s very temperamental trans-seasonal tendency. What’s your trans-seasonal favourite wear?

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Would love to hear from you! 🙂



I don’t go shopping anymore…


Lately, I have been feeling quite blah when it comes to shopping. Why I have asked myself. I am usually quite spontaneous when it comes to including something new into my wardrobe, or accessory collection. But lately, its been a little different. Is it me just turning a year older and a year wiser? After recently moving homes, I have also begin to wonder if I really need all that stuff…(you know the kind of guilt or remorse you go through when you de-clutter?). Am I realising that I only need a few pieces of clothing or accessory to exist?

After much thought, to be honest I haven’t quite got an idea why this is happening. So lets call this WISDOM…for now at least!

But I thought since this has hit me, I will no longer call it ‘going out shopping’. Maybe, and just maybe if I gave it a different name, it might all change. So I  officially called my shopping trips to ‘going out for some inspiration!’ And I road tested this…

And the outcome is pretty amazing! Now, I find myself looking at things and stopping to think; Do I need it? What can I do with it? How else can I make it work? And I am not as impulsive which gives me a little bit more time to look around, compare and make a decision. Walah! So, perhaps it is a little bit of wisdom thats come with age…

Now, even Mr LifeAStyled  would not have to worry too much when I tell him I am wondering aimlessly in the malls, because really its not aimless shopping, any purchase I make is simply because I found my inspiration. And that’s a good thing…isn’t it?

Have you had a time when you’ve found yourself walking aimlessly in the malls feeling quite blah when you’ve usually been quite a good shopper?

Leave me your thoughts below…And cheers to being inspired!