LAS stylefile: florals in berry…

Autumn is a great time to start layering as the weather starts to cool down. Given that we have been very fortunate to enjoy a warm autumn here in Melbourne, it is still great for wearing the light weight kimonos.

Recently purchased this beautiful three-quarter sleeve bouquet kimono from ASOS, with some BERRY coloured floral print! If you’ve been around the malls, you will see how this colour is now making it in big for the winter collection. It is a beautiful winter colour, although on the darker tone, is still able to give an outfit a little bit of lift and character. If you’re after kimonos, have a look at the whole range on ASOS, lots of variety to choose from.

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Here I’ve worn it with a pair of Lee Cooper skinny jeans, from Big W, which I must say for the price paid (under $30.00) is super comfy and super stretchy, which is a win win in my books!

Also worn here is a black tee bought on sale at Sussan (find similar ones here). One of my best buys, as I frantically looked through those sale racks, and when I found my size? I did the happy dance!!

Accessories is a big one for me when dressing. Sometimes I start with the outfit, and then work towards the accessories, but some days it’s backwards. I think of the accessories I want to put on, and then choose an outfit. So today, for some reason, I wanted to wear these berry coloured pumps, bought from Merchant Shoes. And so it was a backwards dressing kinda day!


And to add a little bit of BOHO, I’ve put on this gorgeous necklace with coins hanging off it, which I bought off the sale rack for under $10.00 from Lovisa. Not seeing it online, but find similar from Bohemian Traders, here.

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I must say, I absolutely love this colour BERRY! Will definitely be adding more of this colour to my wardrobe!

Do you like this colour? Would you wear it? Or not really your cup of tea….

Would love to hear your thoughts, leave me a comment below 🙂


LAS stylefile: keeping it simple. with a pop of colour.

Melbourne without a doubt has been a little temperamental these last few days. We were fortunate enough to escape the freeze last week as we travelled to sunny Singapore for a week. But the last three days since we’ve been back? Let see. I’ve worn a singlet, a long sleep top, a parka,  a jacket, a pair of boots, and a pair of peep toes. All these in different combinations in three days! Confusion alright..!

This beautiful city has been such a mix bag of temperatures, but on the whole, it is clear that winter is fast approaching. With the foggy mornings, the sunny afternoons and the evening is that time of the year again.

Winter can be a tricky season to dress for. The tendency is to pull out the darker colours. My take on winter dressing? Keep it simple with a pop of colour! ( please excuse my obsession with colour!)

So, today, for a casual outing/meeting, I started with a basic black Camo Tee from Seed, available here, with a pair of skinny jeans from Dotti available here, and I kept warm with this beautiful Ponte Biker Target jacket, available here (comes in a few different colours too!). The beauty of the jacket is that it is lightweight, enough to keep warm as a layering piece, and comfy enough to be kept on while indoors. Great purchase I must say!

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To complete this outfit, I popped on a pair of earrings purchased from Zara in Singapore on my travels, which is available here, and wore a pair of beautiful deep red wedges I purchased at the Round She Goes Markets in Melbourne earlier this year, which was a steal! (definitely worth checking them out). And this bag? A quick pick up for $30.00 from Bardot two weeks ago! Woopa…nothing says winter like fur! Not seeing it online anymore, but you can find a similar one here.

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It was a bright, sunny, chilly kind of day! But I was warm, bright and comfy, enjoyed a quick meeting, and some time in the Melbourne sun.

What are some of your tricks for dressing this season? Do you like adding a pop of colour somewhere, somehow? And if so, how do you do it? 

LAS stylefile: how I wore, what I wore?

The cool change has now  set into Melbourne. The days are getting shorter and the nights come too soon. I do love the change that comes with winter, the layering, getting all rugged up sitting in front of the telly a little bit more, hot soups! green tea, chocolates, and the rest that go with it. BUT what I don’t do well with is the lack of colour. My brains just don’t really like it. The grey, the way of dealing with this problem of mine? bringing some colour into my wardrobe. I know the darker colours seem to always creep in by autumn/winter, and same way it does into my wardrobe, but I try to keep a little colour going somewhere, somehow…

So, last week, I did some online retail therapy, just a wardrobe update really! And got me self some pretty things, I visited the blue bungalow site, and went clicking. Rest assured, the pretty parcel arrived very soon after, and some lovely new pieces added to the racks!

I sported their beautiful jersey tunic in the Chartreuse, which can be seen here. It was bright, bold and beautiful. The shorter front and longer back length made it perfect to be worn with a pair of leggings for me (perfect for women that are a little heavier on the bottom half). The sleeves can be worn at full length or ruffled up to half way when indoors and it is slightly warmer. The loose fit allows for a relaxed feel and make it comfortable to run around in, for some work or for mummy duties.

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I also paired it with a beautiful animal print scarf, which I purchased a while back from Myer, similar ones still available. Brought my ever so faithful Mimco leather bag out, and to keep warm and dry, I put on a pair of Jane Debster knee-high boots in brown from Sandler, purchased last winter, but you may like something similar here.

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Off I went for a work meet, then to run some errands. And those colours? made me a very happy girl…:)

How do you cope with the darker winter colours? Leave me some ideas below, I would love to hear.

Xx Monica @lifeastyled