doing something for yourself…because it’s important!

Last Friday I attended a workshop organised and run by the fabulous ladies from Put Your Heart Into It. It was held in a beautiful Haymes Paint showroom in Southbank, Melbourne. This workshop was their Mothers Day DIY workshop, and on offer was the opportunity to learn and paint a wooden wine box using Haymes Paint, learn the art of floral arrangement and a session on making organic skin care. And the best part of it? For $95, with all material included, you get to take home all you make for the night! Oh and of course, there was wine and nibbles to add to the fun of the night 🙂

When I signed up for this workshop, what excited me most was the fact that it was something I got to do for myself. As a mom, a wife, a working woman, there really is not much time left for yourself…I often find, I am getting through each day with so much to do, and so much left to do, that there is hardly ever much time to get out and do what I enjoy most. So when this opportunity came up, I felt it was a good one to get to, not only to learn new skills which I can and will definitely be putting to great use creating some lovely things around the house, but also to meet new people, have some laughs and enjoy a good night out.

And this was evident when I walked into the house, and hubby said…

‘You look like you’ve had a good night!’…Indeed I have!

I painted, got my hands messy, arranged some beautiful roses, made some skin care, met some new friends, had a glass of wine! What more can you ask for a Friday night out? Happy mummy!


Painted a raw wood wine box using the beautiful range of colours supplied by Haymes Paint, turning it into a flower vase (multiple uses for this beautiful box) & made a bottle of facial moisturiser using essential oils.

So what I want to put out there is this..sometimes you do need to do things for yourself. Whether its attending a workshop, a night out to the movies or the theatre, or a night in with some girl friends. You need to do it for yourself! It’s good to recharge once in a while, it keeps your engine running smoothly.

I certainly will be doing more of these, after the one I attended last week, I have now realised how much I need to have some time out like that. It was refreshing…INSPIRING.

Have you attended a DIY workshop or a workshop of any kind and did you enjoy it? How did you feel after having that time out for yourself? 

Would love to know…also to encourage other moms or busy woman out there, to have some time out for themselves.

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boyfriend jeans. my hunt for one: my tips..

I must admit I have been very skeptical about this whole boyfriend cut jeans trend at the moment. Seems to be hitting lots of stores big time! But, I am a shortie. Hence the length of it, which sits just at or above the ankle are no go’s for me. It make me look even shorter, and cuts me off at the legs giving a somewhat ‘false’ representation of leg length (which is all honestly aren’t long at all!).

But this cannot be the reason I not wear them. So off I went on a hunt. Multiple stores, big brands to not so big ones, over many shopping trip days. And finally, found one that I was very happy departing my $89.95 with! (it’s from Mango, and can be shopped here). So my tips for finding the boyfriend cut jeans are.

IMG_2880 IMG_2884 IMG_2897 IMG_2886 IMG_2883

wearing boyfriend cut jean @Mango, earrings @lovisa, snap-on cuff @Portmans, sandals heels @JoMercer

1) Try on as many pairs, brands and cuts. Even though they are called boyfriend cut, and one would think it is safe to assume that the cuts would be similar, trust me they aren’t. They can differ in length, folds, details, pockets, colour, wash etc.

2) If you are vertically challenged like me (i.e: slightly on the shorter side with your lower half of your body), still do not assume you are going to look stumpy in this. So go ahead, give it a go! It’s all in the look as a whole.

3) To compensate for the ‘cut off’ effect of many of these jeans, I put on heels. You can even go with wedges, as they elongate your legs. Wearing nude or tan shoes does help give this elongating effect as well.

4) If you feel you are slightly chunky on the thighs, stick with darker colours as it has a slimming effect. also stay away from too much detail on the thigh area, or if there are details (for example thread pulls etc done deliberately on these cuts), try and stick with ones that are similar in colour to the jeans itself, so it does not bring the eyes to that area). Minimal extra’s are still good.

5) If you are heavier on the bottom half (pear shaped or a triangle), also be mindful of the detailing of pockets on the back and front. This can add bulk to the bottom half, which should be avoided.

5) Also remember, they are meant to be relaxed fits, but ensuring you have the right fit, can and will still give it a beautiful feminine look (I always buy jeans snug as they tend to ‘give’ after a few washes).

Hope that helps 🙂

The other thing I found interesting with boyfriend jeans is that you can actually quite easily dress it up and dress it down. Add on some edgy accessories, and it can give you that rugged, casual, edgy look. Pair it with a fitted blouse, and peep toe heels with some simple accessories and it can look all feminine.

Pretty stoked with my recent investment, and have already had a few wears (and compliments!) from the purchase.

Have you got a pair of boyfriend cut jeans? Did you find it easy to buy one? or were you challenged..share your tips if you bought one.

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Shoes-a-mess no longer.

Shoes shoes shoes..everywhere. Who can relate? I have always been a shoe lover, but have also been bad at organising. Never had to really give it a second thought but lately have noticed that shoes do need tender loving care too. As they age, they need more care, more space and less sunlight! Nope, not talking about nana here! When we recently moved, as many do realise, it is a good time to get rid of the old and unused. But shoes are a little different. I do get through them mostly, but because I can only have one pair on at a time, it takes a little longer to wear them all out. This called for better organisation, and a little bit more TLC I suppose for some of them, nearing the end of their lifespan.

What I used to get organised? Over the door shoes organiser from Howards Storage World.

I laid them all out, making sure I only kept what I still wanted and was still able to wear, and had a separate tub for the ones that perhaps wouldn’t quite make the cut; these I gave to the nearest opp shop, hoping someone else will find good use of them.

Before, it looked like this.


Hung the over the door shoes organiser (with transparent pockets) over the door that leads out to the garage, which mean I can easily pick out the shoe as I stepped out.

Started filling it up…organised shoes2


organised shoes1

It’s been a great exercise as now am able to see what I have, easily access them, and easily store them back neatly.

Have you got other effective shoes organising method you would like to share? Would love to hear.

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