because we can all do with some down time, sometimes.

Our body is a real machine. It allows us to do so much..but like all machines, it does need some down time. And this machine of mine recently decided it’s time for some maintenance work! It doesn’t do this very often, as I often oil and keep it well. But when it does, it’s a full service! Plus, it’s a time I find that I am forced to rest, and have a bit of down time.

So what do I do to keep busy during this time?

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# rest rest rest. Which I suppose is what you’re meant to be doing? Thankfully the little one is well enough, and I can ship her off to care while I recover for the day.

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 # play dress up. Nothing fancy, but I do like to dress in a comfy colourful outfit. It makes me feel alive!

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 # put on some lippy for a little lift.


# go for a walk around the local neighbourhood. Find a quiet cafe, read a good magazine and drink tea!


#…read…I love it! Reading takes me places.

# drink more tea. Yup I move from black tea to spiced tea to herbal tea.

Now to that comfy hoodie?

Shop my style here:

Sleep Poncho – Leopard @ Target

Pewter flats, Gino Ventori @Mountfords

Distressed jeans, Lee Cooper @Big W

Have you recently been unwell? Winter cold? What are some of your pick-me-ups that helps you get through the recovery phase?

Get well soon, if you’re feeling down at the moment!

XO monica

4 thoughts on “because we can all do with some down time, sometimes.

    • puppy cuddles! yes that’s what I need to work on next…WE (hubby and I) are still trying to come to a compromise on 1)if we are ready for a dog, for which my answer to it is a YES & 2)which breed? (I like a small one, and him a big one!) LOL…
      Hope your neck is all good now Sonia! 🙂


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