Oh dear, who’s more excited about the two year olds room!

We are finally making our move down to Melbourne next week after a year of being in the Gold Coast (we are originally from Melbourne). So it is exciting times. Back into our own home! Yippee…which means I can hang things on the wall, without the pre-emptive fear of paint peeling off when the hooks come off. Yes thankful too now that we have those magically amazing 3M hooks!

So it is time for our little girl to move into her own room. Not sure how I feel about that, but will leave that for another blog post. But for now, I am looking at various ideas for her room.

What does a two-year old girl really need in her room? Not much really isn’t it…a bed and lots and lots of toys?

mummy cook up a storm stb

But in mummy’s view…she needs:

A bed, a bedside table, bedside lamp, night lamp?, a toy storage box, a small chair, a shelf for her books (trust me she has lots), a dressing table perhaps AND lots and lots of toys. That’s only on ground level!

On the top-level, lets see, a wall hanging or a series of canvas prints, some pretty hanging lights, wall decals if can’t get some nice wall prints.

Why one may ask do we need that much in a little girls room? In my very own wise words…

She is only two, once in her life. But most importantly she is only two, ONCE in MY life.

So I have started scouting for some of these items. Browsing through some of my favourite online stores for inspiration and ideas. So far its, Petite Bijou, Lilly & Lolly, Beds 4 Kids, Hip Kids. Plus some DIY projects to consider.

Will update on the blog as we move in and I get started! Can’t wait!

Have you done up your child’s room? Would love to hear some ideas, or retailers with great kids products. Leave me your ideas or thoughts in the comments below.