Let’s do the weekend in style!

Let's do the weekend in style!

Oui pink tee
$37 – sportsgirl.com.au

Calf length skirt
$93 – sportsgirl.com.au

Witchery white wristlet purse
$37 – witchery.com.au

Witchery black jewelry
$46 – witchery.com.au

Witchery wayfare
$65 – witchery.com.au

Witchery genuine leather belt
$56 – witchery.com.au

$56 – witchery.com.au

Weekend Rewind: the year gone by celebrated. to a bigger & better one!

So it was my turn last week to turn a year older, to which I say Hoorah! YUP. This year was a funny one. The countdown began quite a few months back, possibly due to the fear of turning a year older. Then I forgot about it all. But suddenly remembered at the start of the month. And it became more real once Husband man asked me what I would like for my birthday! And BANG! Just like that, the fear set in. Two weeks leading up to the dreaded 17th, I was in denial. All of a sudden I wanted to forget it. I didn’t want to celebrate. Which for me was new. I love birthdays. Even if it’s a quiet cake and wine…I still love the effort and act of celebrating one.

Anyways, I let it slide. I talked myself out of the crazy thoughts I had about growing older. Much to my perfectionist personality, it was a time I reflected on the year gone by and my achievements. There was a whole lot of questions that came across my mind, many to which I had a simple ‘no, not achieved yet’ as an answer. But to my delight, I also had as many ‘yes, I have done that’, ‘thankful for having achieved that’ and ‘YES! grateful for the opportunity to do that’ replies.

Once that was on paper (I’m still old school, paper and pen girl when it comes to talking myself into or out of something), I felt better! And then I was happy to get to the 17th! But of course, I am not the queen, and there’s no public holiday for me…so off to work I went. It was a good day though, my patients were all alerted to it being my birthday, so it was all smiles!

My birthday though lasted a week…

It started off very well! at 6.30am, as bubs and I, half eye open drag ourselves to the kitchen for breakkie, there it is! Birthday goodies! YIPPEE! who doesn’t love birthday goodies…

IMG_5194It was opened faster than it was probably wrapped! That beautiful bag I have been eyeing for a while..Oh husband man! You delivered. Good man, you watched and felt my urge for that bag!

So off to work I went, bag in tow..(oh YES, there was no need for waiting here)

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It was a loooong day at work, but made much better with this bag, and this bright orange blazer I picked up from my recent travels to Singapore (it’s a ZARA!). Ended the night with dinner at home and a glass of wine!

Then came the weekend treat! Another surprise planned by hubby and bestie! We visited the Port Philip Estate Winery in Red Hill, Victoria. Amazing views, lovely three course meal, and time spent with the people I love most, husband, my little girl, bestie and her husband.

IMG_5378 IMG_5381IMG_5383IMG_5402

So that was my birthday this year. It was quiet, nonetheless, and funnily, one of the best I’ve had. Perhaps, it’s the realisation that many a times, it’s not the success we’ve had so far or the failures we’ve gone through, but more the attitude with which we go through it all that matters. Learning from the past, making improvements to go through it all, with a new take on life. Perhaps it’s the wisdom that comes with age. Perhaps…it’s that glass of wine I had just before writing this post. Perhaps! Perhaps! Perhaps!

What does your ideal birthday look like? Drop me a line!

xox monica

fashion | leather it.

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 Love any of these? Shop below.

Jeans, Lee Cooper @Biw W

Patterned Long sleeve top @Catalog Clothing

Jacket @Neo Rococo

Ring by Samantha Wills @Mocha (mine was ordered in the black)

Earrings @Mocha (similar here)

Suede boots, Gamins @Ironic, Brand Smart

Leather Handbag @Farage

Today’s outfit is lots of leather. I have never owned a leather jacket and always saw it as something un-me. But I succumbed! Like most things, you won’t know how it is like for you until you have a feel or try. Last week on one of my days off, coffee in hand, was strolling down my local shops. With a handful of boutiques to browse through, that was exactly what I did. You know how sometimes an item just jumps out at you? and you just feel this instant need to try it on? YES! That’s pretty much what happened to me. It was love at first sight. And yes, with a jacket…this jacket.

So off I went, picked it up from the rack (and bonus was it was being marked down, as I stretched my arm towards it!). Tried it on. And like a well fitted glove, it made me look and feel good. Then, I went through a brief 10 seconds, where there was a battle in my head. YES..or NO…YES…or No. And very quickly, my heart overtook, and my adrenaline levels calmed down. I walked happily to the counter to purchase my first leather jacket!

Since then, I’ve worn it to work, over a pretty structured dress (will blog it soon), and now also wearing it with jeans and boots. Love this piece. No regrets on this one. I was at the right place at the right time!

What made me buy this particular jacket? These are some of the reasons, which you could also use as a tip if you’re in the market for one, and not quite sure if it’s you.

# Right fitting. Because they are generally little stiff compared to fabric, getting the right slim cut would be great. They soften and stretch with wear anyways, which will give you a little more space.

# Right colour. I felt because it was my first piece, I would like to maximise my wear out of it. So went with black. Plus I had black boots to match.

# Right amount of embellishment. If you aren’t a leather jacket person, less is more. I think too many zips and embellishment can drown you, and may change the look of your outfit drastically. With this jacket, the shoulders are little puffed up, but I didn’t mind it as it gave me a better definition of my shoulders (Which are otherwise very narrow). The little zips add to the edginess but not in an overwhelming way.

# Right length. This for me is really important. It can either work for or against you. For me, just on the waist works well, as it draws the eye towards my waist. I have a slightly shorter torso, so it works well with a longer top under. Mid thigh lengths generally don’t work for me, as it cuts of my leg length, takes the eye there, which is an area I prefer not to draw attention to.

Here, I’ve worn it with jeans, boots, a statement piece of ring, and to complete it, a well structured leather bag. It all adds to the look, casual, edgy, smart.

Hope these tips will come in handy for your next trip out, if you’re looking for a leather jacket 🙂

Do you do leather jackets? If not…I would love to know what is holding you back? I truly and honestly would say don’t completely dismiss the idea. It is just a matter of finding the right cut, colour and fit!

xo monica


Stylefile: Winter brights..

My love for colour continues, and in fact I am trying harder to bring them out, as I occasionally feel I am slipping into the blacks and greys. I do love the blacks, navy and greys especially in winter, but for me personally, I find a little bit of colour goes a long way in helping me not feel lazy. Let just say, it lifts my spirits!

Sunday was a good example. We had a slow start to the day as a family, which was great. Then we decided it’s time to step out for some family lunch time and a bit of stretching of our limbs around the shops! (not something hubby was really looking forward to!). But he obliged. So I decided to bring some colour out. In fact quite a few colours! Blues, berry, green and black.

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I must say I really enjoyed wearing all the colours – AT ONCE. But if you aren’t too sure of them all, perhaps ease into the bolds and the brights with an accessory – that being a pair of bright coloured shoes, necklace, earrings, cuffs, a scarf or a bag.

Want to go shopping? Links below!

Midnight Assasin Jacket: Bardot / Top: Portmans / Knit skirt: Target / Leggings: Costco / Boots: Merchant Shoes (similar here) / Bag: Charles & Keith / Earrings: Lovisa (similar here)

What are your favourite winter colours? How do you like to wear them? Loud and bold or gently with an accessory?


xox monica

laugh..laugh out loud.

IMG_5105Laughter is a funny thing isn’t it? (no pun intended)! It’s got a way of spreading joy through the room. I am a natural laugher..(is there even such a word?). I laugh quite easily, and if I must say, often quite loudly. When I laugh, it’s a whole-hearted laugh. Occasionally also doing the roll around, the fist hitting the seat action and wide opened mouth showing off the back of my throat…YES possibly all at once as well! (what a scene isn’t it?)!

I have always been this way, as far as I can remember I used to do it even as a child. My parents sometimes had to tell me off or at least to get me to close my mouth. BUT when I do that, i don’t feel like I’m laughing anymore. That is a smile to me.

Now, I often do it with my little girl. She has learnt to laugh like me! OH YES…! I find it so hilarious when she tries to mimic me, as she is at that age where she learns everything by watching us. Is that a bad thing? Not when it comes to laughing I say.

I think it’s good to know how to laugh things off. Whether a joke, an uninvited comment or an annoying situation. I think it is a great skill. It helps change your mood. It helps lighten up the situation. And it helps you move on to the next step, finding a solution to a problem rather than dwelling in it.

In saying that, it’s just not possible to laugh off a problem all the time..but at least it can help take you to a happier place, when you’re ready.

So I say…laugh! Laugh out loud. Laugh as though no one is watching. It is contagious, so go on and spread the joy!

Do you laugh often? Are you a laugher? How do you express yourself when something is funny?

xox monica

street style knits | do you do prints?

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So lets face it, winter is in. We get freezing mornings,  a peak of sun towards noon, and more cold by 4pm? So its cardi after cardi, jacket after jacket, knit after knit. Have always been a block-colour-knit sort of girl, but lately have been trying some patterned ones, for some variety. And when I found this print? and on sale? I had to give it a go. No regrets!

Shop my style:

Camouflage knit @Seed

Jeans, Lee Cooper @Big W

Earrings @Reflections (similar ones online)

Pewter shoes, Gino Ventori @Mountfords

Puffy vest @Uniqlo

Do you like printed knits? or prefer plain colours?

xox monica