Stop, think then write..

Stop, think, then write. This is something I think we lack as a society now obsessed with getting our viewpoint across. We have become a society where speed of replies is everything. We have become opinionated, and thanks to technology, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, we are able to at a click of a few buttons respond to someone’s comments, messages, pictures. And that’s great, I have no issues, I am a sucker for technology myself! But what I have observed lately is this. People are not stopping to think before they write. Words can make or break someone. Words can encourage or discourage someone. Words can hurt. Why do we not stop, think and then write.

Recently experienced this myself. A friend, in a foul mood responded to my message, with harsh words. Did I expect that of her? Not in a million years. But it did happen. Within 24 hours, a note of apology came my way, explaining her mood when writing to me.. Is that acceptable? Damage done isn’t it? Those words still come back to haunt me from time to time. Did she realise the effects of those words? Not sure to be honest.

Sadly this is more common than not. Perhaps we all need to experience it to know how it feels?

Lesson I take from this? Stop, think then write.