LAS stylefile: florals in berry…

Autumn is a great time to start layering as the weather starts to cool down. Given that we have been very fortunate to enjoy a warm autumn here in Melbourne, it is still great for wearing the light weight kimonos.

Recently purchased this beautiful three-quarter sleeve bouquet kimono from ASOS, with some BERRY coloured floral print! If you’ve been around the malls, you will see how this colour is now making it in big for the winter collection. It is a beautiful winter colour, although on the darker tone, is still able to give an outfit a little bit of lift and character. If you’re after kimonos, have a look at the whole range on ASOS, lots of variety to choose from.

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Here I’ve worn it with a pair of Lee Cooper skinny jeans, from Big W, which I must say for the price paid (under $30.00) is super comfy and super stretchy, which is a win win in my books!

Also worn here is a black tee bought on sale at Sussan (find similar ones here). One of my best buys, as I frantically looked through those sale racks, and when I found my size? I did the happy dance!!

Accessories is a big one for me when dressing. Sometimes I start with the outfit, and then work towards the accessories, but some days it’s backwards. I think of the accessories I want to put on, and then choose an outfit. So today, for some reason, I wanted to wear these berry coloured pumps, bought from Merchant Shoes. And so it was a backwards dressing kinda day!


And to add a little bit of BOHO, I’ve put on this gorgeous necklace with coins hanging off it, which I bought off the sale rack for under $10.00 from Lovisa. Not seeing it online, but find similar from Bohemian Traders, here.

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I must say, I absolutely love this colour BERRY! Will definitely be adding more of this colour to my wardrobe!

Do you like this colour? Would you wear it? Or not really your cup of tea….

Would love to hear your thoughts, leave me a comment below 🙂


Lifeastyled stylefile: Shopping the sales in April. Why I think it’s great.

There’s a sale everywhere. And quite so often that too, which is great, I have no complaints. However, those bright lights and very beautifully lit stores can be dangerous if you don’t quite have a strategy to shop. Let’s face it, there are going to be some impulse buying, but I believe any way you shop, can be done with a little thought. It means, you are thinking while impulse buying! See? It is a win win situation! But in all honesty, I think sometimes shopping out of season is great. I do it lots, and this is why.

1. You get to shop last seasons wear, at heavily discounted prices. What this means is that you’ll have some lovely new pieces to wear next year in the warmer months. And you might get that question of envy from others..’lovely top, where did you get that from?’ and you can quite confidently say and hope that piece will not be found…’oh thank you, I bought it a while back!’ So there you go, you’re unique now!

2. If you’re shopping now, in April, you can stock up on some of the basics for layering in the cooler months! Like a black and white singlet, t-shirts, vest, shorter skirts, at bargain prices. What would have been full price in summer, would now be a lot less, but hey, you’ll still get lots of wear out of these pieces. I will discuss layering in the coming post.

3. In between those bargain racks, you may find items that you can gift to family and friends over the festive season in December! Cheaper, less crowd to battle now (compared to if you’re shopping a week leading up to christmas!). And it’s one less thing to worry about!

4. I also often look out for items that I can use across seasons. For example, a statement necklace, a bright coloured clutch or a pair of shoes, that can be used to brighten up a dark winter outfit, adding some character to your outfit.

So here are some of the examples of items I think are great to buy in April on sale!


1. Hot Options Animal Print Midi Skirt @Target, $7.00, 2. TerryBiker Vest @Witchery $79.95, 3. Coated Ponte Angle Skirt @Portmans $29.95, 4. Perforated Bead Tank @Witchery $49.95, 5. Wayno Wedges @Nine West $79.95, 6. Lace Back Crop Cardigan @Target @19.00, 7. Jacquard Floral Dress @Portmans $39.95, 8. Foil Spot Pullover @Portmans $49.95

All these pieces would have cost you much more to own in summer, and many would walk past them sitting on the bargain racks now. But what I do is skim through these racks (and if I am lucky and my size is there), I quickly try them on. Keeping in mind how I can layer them for the cooler months, adding a cardigan over, or a long sleeve inside, a legging under and a pair of boots over, can very quickly transform these summer pieces into autumn and winter wear.

I hope you will start heading for those sale racks now, because let me assure you there’s lots of treasure to be found in there. And think about the savings and where else you can put that to!

Do you regularly skim the sale racks like me? What are some of your best sale buys? Share below, I would love to know and learn some of your tricks! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and happy saving with your shopping!