I count you TWICE…

Being a parent brings with it many wonderful emotions. The joys, the wonders, the occasional anger and frustration, the laughter and the sorrows. Coupled with my hormonal roller coaster!!! spells a very sooky mummy! Great! Just GREAT!

I was just having a conversation with a friend over the weekend, who is now a mom to a gorgeous little girl. And as we were doing what moms do, exchanging notes…we both said this almost simultaneously, ‘Isn’t it funny how we think our child is always the best?’…whoops! yup, self-confessed dotting moms!

But this got me thinking about my little girl, now a beautiful two and a half-year old. First of all, where did the time go? Honestly I know all parents would say this! but really where has it gone? I was home with her on maternity leave for almost nine months, watched her every move, and breath almost (except the times when I was able to convince myself that she is sleeping safely in a safe environment)! so really where has it gone? I know we’ve celebrated two birthdays, and she’s now speaking words and sentences I am amazed at each day. But the more I look at her, the more I count my blessings for the time, although gone by, has resulted in this beautiful child standing in front of me, blossoming into this talking, occasionally disobedient little thing!


This wooden plague that sits proudly in her room, says a lot about her. As all children are a blessing, I believe mine is my blessing. She shows me many things only she is able to. She comforts me in ways only she can. And she loves in a way only she can.

I am pretty sure there will come a time between babyhood and toddler-hood that a parent will stop to wonder how did that baby you birthed not very long ago, transform into this little human being. Pretty sure this thought will come by..

And I think I am at that junction now.

Standing here watching her go from a baby to a toddler, wondering this. Wondering if I can stop time. And if I can….HOW!

But for now, I am appreciating every moment. Every bit of her. Every hug. Every cuddle. Every cry for ‘mom’. Everything. Soaking it all in, for I know time will not be waiting for me. So I’ve got to grasp it, not let it slip through my fingers. And count my blessings…TWICE.

For moms of toddlers, do you often wonder how that tiny little baby you birthed not too long ago, is now a real person, standing in front of you? Do you often wonder where the time has gone? 

Thanks for reading!

XO monica

doing something for yourself…because it’s important!

Last Friday I attended a workshop organised and run by the fabulous ladies from Put Your Heart Into It. It was held in a beautiful Haymes Paint showroom in Southbank, Melbourne. This workshop was their Mothers Day DIY workshop, and on offer was the opportunity to learn and paint a wooden wine box using Haymes Paint, learn the art of floral arrangement and a session on making organic skin care. And the best part of it? For $95, with all material included, you get to take home all you make for the night! Oh and of course, there was wine and nibbles to add to the fun of the night 🙂

When I signed up for this workshop, what excited me most was the fact that it was something I got to do for myself. As a mom, a wife, a working woman, there really is not much time left for yourself…I often find, I am getting through each day with so much to do, and so much left to do, that there is hardly ever much time to get out and do what I enjoy most. So when this opportunity came up, I felt it was a good one to get to, not only to learn new skills which I can and will definitely be putting to great use creating some lovely things around the house, but also to meet new people, have some laughs and enjoy a good night out.

And this was evident when I walked into the house, and hubby said…

‘You look like you’ve had a good night!’…Indeed I have!

I painted, got my hands messy, arranged some beautiful roses, made some skin care, met some new friends, had a glass of wine! What more can you ask for a Friday night out? Happy mummy!


Painted a raw wood wine box using the beautiful range of colours supplied by Haymes Paint, turning it into a flower vase (multiple uses for this beautiful box) & made a bottle of facial moisturiser using essential oils.

So what I want to put out there is this..sometimes you do need to do things for yourself. Whether its attending a workshop, a night out to the movies or the theatre, or a night in with some girl friends. You need to do it for yourself! It’s good to recharge once in a while, it keeps your engine running smoothly.

I certainly will be doing more of these, after the one I attended last week, I have now realised how much I need to have some time out like that. It was refreshing…INSPIRING.

Have you attended a DIY workshop or a workshop of any kind and did you enjoy it? How did you feel after having that time out for yourself? 

Would love to know…also to encourage other moms or busy woman out there, to have some time out for themselves.

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Lifeastyled Two Ways Thursdays..

Hi everyone!

It’s that time of the week again, so off to another post for #lifeastyledtwowaysthursdays

Today I am sporting a beautiful cotton dress from a very lovely store in Melbourne, Jfahri. Bought this on sale at their recent Spend and Save promotion.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

dress: Jfahri (Melbourne)

As I picked up this piece a couple of weeks ago, we were already into autumn and here in Melbourne, autumn can be very tricky to dress. The cooler days are cold, and the not so cold days are still cool with a hint of sun. So there you go, confused yet? Yes, it is a little bit odd like that. But what I loved about it was the fact that this dress screamed versatile right from the start! And the price was too good to give it a miss. And I am glad I brought it home, because it has been out and about a few times already in a very short few days.

Style 1: A day out with family and friends.

Comfort is key for me when I am out with family. And this dress has just that. The stretch in this dress is great, and its fit perfect. It’s slightly snug around the bodice, but nice and flowy from waist below. The stripes also gives a beautiful illusion as the lower half have diagonal stripes leading inwards to the centre meeting in the middle, which has a thinning effect. So there you go, not all stripes are bad 🙂 I’ve paired it with a fur vest, a bold matte gold block coloured necklace and a pair of tan boots, to break up the monochrome. Also perfect for an outing with friends, to the movies, coffee, playdates.

IMG_3641 IMG_3642 Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Wearing: black and white stripe dress @Jfahri, fur vest @Crossroads, full length black tights @Target, tan ankle boots @Nine West, necklace (previous season, but you can find something similar) @Lovisa

Style 2: Off to work I go.

Because it is such a versatile piece, I decided to take it to work with me. Layered it with a black blazer, and added a statement necklace with a little hint of peach and grey, again to break the ‘too much of black and white’ look. This time, I went with a metallic silver pair of heels. These shoes are so comfortable thanks to the inverted pyramid heel, which means more stability and added thickness for support, making it a suitable pair for work.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetIMG_3730 Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Wearing: black and white stripe dress @Jfahri, black blazer @Portmans, metallic silver pumps @Nine West, ring & statement necklace (previous season, but you might be able to find something similar) @Lovisa, personal organiser @Kikki-K, black pencil pouch, Molli & Mimi @Target

As you can see, the black and whites are making its way into my wardrobe, and am now consciously adding colour to make sure I don’t do too much of the darker colours all at once.

Do you like mixing your colours in winter? Or do you prefer the darker winter colours for this season. Leave me your thoughts below! And thanks for stopping by.

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Starting with a blank canvas in her room…

Ahhhh, the joy of motherhood, never a dull moment hey? It’s moving day and my 2-year-old LO is now going to have her own little space. Or should I say now daddy and mummy will have theirs back. Whichever  it may be, it is never easy. This is something we thought we might have done sooner, but there was never a right time. And I still don’t think there is a right time for the move into her own room. But given that she has been with us for two years now, and moving homes, we figured, it may be a good move to settle her into her own space. The feeling is a confusing one, half of me says its time to do it, and half of me goes, maybe another short while. Here is me just hoping maybe we can have half night in hers and half the morning in ours. We’ll see.


SO of course, mummy’s creative juices are spilling over! Woohooo, time to get a girlie room going. So we are starting with a blank canvas. Bought that little wall hanging from Gold Coast, and that’s going to be up soon. The words caught my attention straight away, as it rings so true. Will there ever be enough love for my little one? To me, these words simply reflect how vast a mothers love is, and how unconditional it can be. I hope my little one will look at these words daily and simply realise her daddy and mummy will always love her, no matter what it takes. Because, we will love you sweetheart to the moon and back. So the decorating continues…

Would love to hear how other moms and dads did this move of their LO, when and how did it go? Any tips?

Share below…