because we can all do with some down time, sometimes.

Our body is a real machine. It allows us to do so much..but like all machines, it does need some down time. And this machine of mine recently decided it’s time for some maintenance work! It doesn’t do this very often, as I often oil and keep it well. But when it does, it’s a full service! Plus, it’s a time I find that I am forced to rest, and have a bit of down time.

So what do I do to keep busy during this time?

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# rest rest rest. Which I suppose is what you’re meant to be doing? Thankfully the little one is well enough, and I can ship her off to care while I recover for the day.

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 # play dress up. Nothing fancy, but I do like to dress in a comfy colourful outfit. It makes me feel alive!

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 # put on some lippy for a little lift.


# go for a walk around the local neighbourhood. Find a quiet cafe, read a good magazine and drink tea!


#…read…I love it! Reading takes me places.

# drink more tea. Yup I move from black tea to spiced tea to herbal tea.

Now to that comfy hoodie?

Shop my style here:

Sleep Poncho – Leopard @ Target

Pewter flats, Gino Ventori @Mountfords

Distressed jeans, Lee Cooper @Big W

Have you recently been unwell? Winter cold? What are some of your pick-me-ups that helps you get through the recovery phase?

Get well soon, if you’re feeling down at the moment!

XO monica

I count you TWICE…

Being a parent brings with it many wonderful emotions. The joys, the wonders, the occasional anger and frustration, the laughter and the sorrows. Coupled with my hormonal roller coaster!!! spells a very sooky mummy! Great! Just GREAT!

I was just having a conversation with a friend over the weekend, who is now a mom to a gorgeous little girl. And as we were doing what moms do, exchanging notes…we both said this almost simultaneously, ‘Isn’t it funny how we think our child is always the best?’…whoops! yup, self-confessed dotting moms!

But this got me thinking about my little girl, now a beautiful two and a half-year old. First of all, where did the time go? Honestly I know all parents would say this! but really where has it gone? I was home with her on maternity leave for almost nine months, watched her every move, and breath almost (except the times when I was able to convince myself that she is sleeping safely in a safe environment)! so really where has it gone? I know we’ve celebrated two birthdays, and she’s now speaking words and sentences I am amazed at each day. But the more I look at her, the more I count my blessings for the time, although gone by, has resulted in this beautiful child standing in front of me, blossoming into this talking, occasionally disobedient little thing!


This wooden plague that sits proudly in her room, says a lot about her. As all children are a blessing, I believe mine is my blessing. She shows me many things only she is able to. She comforts me in ways only she can. And she loves in a way only she can.

I am pretty sure there will come a time between babyhood and toddler-hood that a parent will stop to wonder how did that baby you birthed not very long ago, transform into this little human being. Pretty sure this thought will come by..

And I think I am at that junction now.

Standing here watching her go from a baby to a toddler, wondering this. Wondering if I can stop time. And if I can….HOW!

But for now, I am appreciating every moment. Every bit of her. Every hug. Every cuddle. Every cry for ‘mom’. Everything. Soaking it all in, for I know time will not be waiting for me. So I’ve got to grasp it, not let it slip through my fingers. And count my blessings…TWICE.

For moms of toddlers, do you often wonder how that tiny little baby you birthed not too long ago, is now a real person, standing in front of you? Do you often wonder where the time has gone? 

Thanks for reading!

XO monica

Outfit | Brogue it up!

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 Brogues are in! How cool is it that we can be comfortable, yet stylish at the same time. Not always the case when it comes to shoes. I must admit, I was never one to put on shoes that look like I was about to go bowling, but my recent manifesto of  ‘life is too short to not try a new style’ certainly got me hunting for a pair. I went with a neutral tan, allowing myself to slowly ease into this trend. And I am in love! These are such comfy shoes, I can certainly see myself investing in a few more colours! So it’s here to stay and you’ll probably see me wearing them around a little more this winter 🙂

Shop my style here:

 Lee Cooper Jeans: Big W / Top: Rose & Gold / Shoes: Sportsgirl (on sale) / Bag: Trenery (last season, but similar ones on link) / Necklace (knotted it up myself): Blue Bungalow


Tip when wearing brogues:

# if you aren’t use to wearing them, start with a neutral colour. It’s much easier to wear, without attracting too much attention.

# show some skin! between your jeans and shoes that is 🙂 (here I folded the hem of my jeans up just a little)

# be confident in them. walk like you’re on heels!

# they may be a little more on the masculine side, but a pointy toe one can certainly still give you a more elongated look.

# pair it with a man bag if you have one – sure to give you a casual street style glam.

# feminize your outfit with other accessories, earrings or a necklace.

Have you taken to the Brogues yet? If you’ve recently purchased one, what are your thoughts? Love them or hate them..? Share your buys below.

xo Monica





stripes and animal print. together…



Winter is only few days away, the chill is in, but the sun was out..

Blazers are big in trend now, with bright bold colours and not to forget the prints. Prints have been around, and it’s here to stay. But a black is still a black, a must have in the wardrobe and as much as I love colours, black and blue always goes! Yea?

This beautiful bag from Nine West Shoes, is a statement piece, a recent investment. This spacious bag is suitable for pretty much everything a girl needs to carry around, including a laptop (11 inch). All in and you’re set to go.

Zara blazer, perfect over jeans, for that added style. It is no longer reserved for work wear which is great! The zips on the sleeve and the combination of faux leather on the sleeves gives it an edgy look when coupled with boots and jeans. Another versatile piece for your wardrobe.

Print clash is also big this season, so don’t be afraid to mix it up. Wear it together, with confidence 🙂

Shop my style here:

Blazer // Stripe Tee // Skinny Jeans // Handbag // Necklace // Boots

Which is your favourite piece here. Would you wear two different prints together? 

xox monica

a challenge of prints!

For those that have been following me on Instagram and on my Facebook page, you would have noticed me wearing lots of prints last week. This was a challenge set by a fabulous blogger, Style and Shenanigans where a print was to be worn each day over six days. It was a great mix of stripes, animal print, dots, check, geos and a print clash.

I do love prints, but find that I do wear more blocks, so I thought this will be a great way to style my prints for everyday wear, giving me a chance to know what prints I lack which might be worth investing in more…and to find out which prints I already have too much of..which wasn’t too hard given the large number of leopard prints I have in the wardrobe staring right back at me!. So let’s kick off with the Prints!

Day 1 – Stripes


Stripe Tee Decjuba // Uniqlo Vest // Coco and Chloe necklace // Nautical Ballerina shoes Zara

This wasn’t too bad, given it was a relatively warm day, and a tee was all that was needed. I used the vest to break up the horizontal effect of the stripes (good for those with broad shoulders or if you are an inverted triangle)

 Day 2 – Animal Print


Top Target // Necklace Markets // Black pants Portmans // Flats Zara (no longer available, find similar at Nine West Shoes) // iPhone 5 cover Typo

This was heaps of fun for me as I have many pieces in this print! It was simply a matter of choosing which one really. Given it was a work day, I chose to wear a long sleeve satin blouse in bright pink, and paired it with an animal print bead necklace (hardly worn) which I picked up from the markets in Gold Coast last year. And to complete the outfit, went with these beautiful pointed toe flats from Zara. I think fuchsia and brown is good combination, don’t you think?

Day 3 – Florals


Floral peplum top from random shop overseas // worn with black pencil skirt & black pumps

What I realised was that I didn’t have too many floral prints in my wardrobe. Although I love looking at them, they somehow never made it back with me too often. I will definitely be looking at this print a little more now. It was a work day, so this top was perfect as it was professional yet fun.

Day 4 – Spots


 Black top Witchery // Black see through cape Crossroads // Red pants Zara // Silver flats Charles & Keith // Black shoulder bag Bardot // Scarf Myers

Love polkadots! Casual day out. Here I chose to accessorise with this polkadot scarf. Scarfs are great accessories and prints can definitely add character to an outfit. So go prints if you can! 🙂

Day 5 – Geo/Check


Scarf Blue Bungalow (gifted) // Black long sleeve tee Seed // Bag Mocha // Tan flats RMK Shoes (similar one here) // Leggings Uniqlo

Geo’s and checks are gorgeous. I have been wanting to wear this bright and beautiful scarf recently gifted by the lovely ladies at Blue Bungalow, so this was my chance. The bright colours certainly brightened up my day too, given that Melbourne decided to put on a grey and gloomy day. Accessories it was to stick with the challenge.

Day 6 – Print Clash


 Stripe tee ASOS // Floral scarf ASOS // Boyfriend jeans Big W // Bag Mocha // Shoes ASOS

Do you like to print clash? I must admit, I probably do it more often than I realise. My favourite combinations? Stripe and florals. Stripes and polkadots. Polkadots and polkadots, in different sizes. I loved this print clash! Print clashes can be scary if you don’t usually do it, but one way to go with this is to introduce it via small bits, like a pair of shoes, or a scarf, or a belt….

That brings us to the end of that print challenge week. As you can see, there’s lots of ways to play with prints in your outfit. From a bold top, to less intimidating ways like a piece of accessory. All in all, it was a great week of prints to play with. It gave me ideas, and inspirations drawn from others who played along! Thank you Style and Shenanigans for the challenge!

Did you join in the challenge? Do you wear prints much? What’s your favourite print?

XOX Monica

LAS stylefile: florals in berry…

Autumn is a great time to start layering as the weather starts to cool down. Given that we have been very fortunate to enjoy a warm autumn here in Melbourne, it is still great for wearing the light weight kimonos.

Recently purchased this beautiful three-quarter sleeve bouquet kimono from ASOS, with some BERRY coloured floral print! If you’ve been around the malls, you will see how this colour is now making it in big for the winter collection. It is a beautiful winter colour, although on the darker tone, is still able to give an outfit a little bit of lift and character. If you’re after kimonos, have a look at the whole range on ASOS, lots of variety to choose from.

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Here I’ve worn it with a pair of Lee Cooper skinny jeans, from Big W, which I must say for the price paid (under $30.00) is super comfy and super stretchy, which is a win win in my books!

Also worn here is a black tee bought on sale at Sussan (find similar ones here). One of my best buys, as I frantically looked through those sale racks, and when I found my size? I did the happy dance!!

Accessories is a big one for me when dressing. Sometimes I start with the outfit, and then work towards the accessories, but some days it’s backwards. I think of the accessories I want to put on, and then choose an outfit. So today, for some reason, I wanted to wear these berry coloured pumps, bought from Merchant Shoes. And so it was a backwards dressing kinda day!


And to add a little bit of BOHO, I’ve put on this gorgeous necklace with coins hanging off it, which I bought off the sale rack for under $10.00 from Lovisa. Not seeing it online, but find similar from Bohemian Traders, here.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

I must say, I absolutely love this colour BERRY! Will definitely be adding more of this colour to my wardrobe!

Do you like this colour? Would you wear it? Or not really your cup of tea….

Would love to hear your thoughts, leave me a comment below 🙂


doing something for yourself…because it’s important!

Last Friday I attended a workshop organised and run by the fabulous ladies from Put Your Heart Into It. It was held in a beautiful Haymes Paint showroom in Southbank, Melbourne. This workshop was their Mothers Day DIY workshop, and on offer was the opportunity to learn and paint a wooden wine box using Haymes Paint, learn the art of floral arrangement and a session on making organic skin care. And the best part of it? For $95, with all material included, you get to take home all you make for the night! Oh and of course, there was wine and nibbles to add to the fun of the night 🙂

When I signed up for this workshop, what excited me most was the fact that it was something I got to do for myself. As a mom, a wife, a working woman, there really is not much time left for yourself…I often find, I am getting through each day with so much to do, and so much left to do, that there is hardly ever much time to get out and do what I enjoy most. So when this opportunity came up, I felt it was a good one to get to, not only to learn new skills which I can and will definitely be putting to great use creating some lovely things around the house, but also to meet new people, have some laughs and enjoy a good night out.

And this was evident when I walked into the house, and hubby said…

‘You look like you’ve had a good night!’…Indeed I have!

I painted, got my hands messy, arranged some beautiful roses, made some skin care, met some new friends, had a glass of wine! What more can you ask for a Friday night out? Happy mummy!


Painted a raw wood wine box using the beautiful range of colours supplied by Haymes Paint, turning it into a flower vase (multiple uses for this beautiful box) & made a bottle of facial moisturiser using essential oils.

So what I want to put out there is this..sometimes you do need to do things for yourself. Whether its attending a workshop, a night out to the movies or the theatre, or a night in with some girl friends. You need to do it for yourself! It’s good to recharge once in a while, it keeps your engine running smoothly.

I certainly will be doing more of these, after the one I attended last week, I have now realised how much I need to have some time out like that. It was refreshing…INSPIRING.

Have you attended a DIY workshop or a workshop of any kind and did you enjoy it? How did you feel after having that time out for yourself? 

Would love to know…also to encourage other moms or busy woman out there, to have some time out for themselves.

Leave some love below! Thanks Lifeastylers…