an innocent request. a heart warming moment.

What was an average after work day, with the evening routine of dinner, bath time, reading and worship time, turned out to be one of the most beautiful nights with my toddler. We were both enjoying each others company when she asked..’Mummy can you draw me here?’ using one of those sketch boards, she handed it over to me, waiting in anticipation for mummy to draw her! Given that drawing was never really my thing, I hesitated! and said…’maybe you can draw you?, mummy can’t draw!’

But she refused. And then asked…’mummy can you draw us? you and me? please mummy? like when we play together…?’ and at that point, my heart sank. I stopped and wondered what I was going to say next? But at the point, I didn’t say a thing. I picked up the sketching pencil and drew US. Because that was what my little girl wanted. Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset So here is my masterpiece! Sweet! I looked at it and burst into laughter and said ‘sorry bubby, mummy can’t draw, this is the best I can do!’…but what she said next, is what warmed my heart.

‘That is very beautiful mummy, just like you and me, and when we go together, we wear a pretty dress, and hold hands’…’Thank you mummy…’

Being the sooky mummy I am, I had tears welling up at the corner of my eyes. Really, what was I fretting about with this request? This girl wasn’t going to judge me..she just wanted me to draw for her. That’s all. Nothing more. All she wanted was for her mummy to draw and spend time with her. And I am glad I did just that.

So it was a good night. Needless to say, I better start brushing up on my drawing! Next request could be more challenging…like ‘mummy can you draw a picture of daddy?’…Not sure what will become of that image!

What has your little one done or said recently that just shows how innocent they are? Share you special moments if you would like to…these babies are just special, aren’t they?

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