I baked. I usually do ‘all in the pack, ready to go’. this time…the real thing!

So I must admit, I am not a baker. The only thing I’ve baked in the past? Fish, chicken, pasta..and those ‘all in a box, ready to bake’ kind of cakes. And yes they’ve all been pretty pleasant to eat, but this time I thought I shall take on the real challenge. The bake from scratch challenge!

You see we are having an easter lunch at a friend’s place tomorrow, and since she had all the mains sorted, I thought I’ll do dessert. Plus, this is something I told myself a couple of years ago in preparation for motherhood, that I should start baking! Why? Because I wouldn’t want my little girl taking those ‘ready made’ cakes to school in her lunch box! Dear oh dear…the pressure. Anyhow, that aside, I think it’s high time, me in my mature adulthood, master this very important domestic skill.

Flipped through some cookbooks, and yes I remember I had purchased the Australian Women’s Weekly Baking Day book last year, because I think the pictures and the cover was very pretty! Pretty shelf material! Surely there’s someone out there like me who buy cookbooks because they have pretty pictures? 🙂


recipe. and what the end product should look like. oh yeah…

Picked a simple one, not more than 7 ingredients. What an electric mixer required? Nah, me and my whipper should be able to do the job…Yes with much effort! Followed the recipe to the tee! so hoping tomorrow, during showtime, I will not disappoint. Going to serve these babies warm with some lovely ice-cream. It will either complement or mask the taste. Either way, am sure it will be yum!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

the end product. banana blueberry cakes.

Do you bake? Do you do it because you love to? Or because of the pressure society places on you as a mom or a woman? Share your thoughts below. I would sincerely love to know I am not the only one that’s starting off with this skill at this point in my life! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! have a safe and lovely easter…




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