have we become too busy?

The last few days has been tough on me emotionally as I have had to hear some bad news from a friend. A good friend who has been having a tough time the last six months with a new revelation in her marriage. And just as she is healing, another event took place, with a new medical diagnosis to deal with. Her husband. Her husband has now been diagnosed with mental illness. And as she sits across from me at my dining table two days ago telling me of the recent three weeks and how difficult things have been with her juggling between medical appointments, kids at school, work and home, I could not help but shed tears with her. With each call and message i sent, her reply has always been ‘I am ok, just managing a few things, will speak soon’. However, my gut feeling was right! I knew there was something of concern. She was just not wanting to reach out yet. Till now. For which I am extremely glad, and thankful for. And as we were talking, she said to me…’Although I didn’t feel like reaching out yet, I was ever so grateful that you persisted with your calls and messages, it made me feel worthy, and thought of’ and that truly made me think….

Then yesterday, a friend messaged me to ask how I was. And me being me, went off with a reply consisting of 10 lines in a message, a brief run down in reply to the question. And then silence…and a reply with ‘OK’. Ok? If you ask someone how they feel, shouldn’t you be prepared for the answer? and not assume that it is going to be a simple OK? Again, this sent me off to think mode.


And this is what I think it is and a gentle reminder to self:

Life is busy. We are all busy. But, we really need to stop and think. Think of our friends and family, pray for them, and pick up the phone and call. We must! before we all get engulfed in this rat race called life. There are many hurting people out there. There are many lonely ones…share a meal, share a laugh…or simply smile at others. Today you may be having a good day, but tomorrow might be different. So do onto others what you wish others would do onto you? Would that be right? I would think so.

What do you think? Have we become too busy to stop and ask others how they feel? and to really listen for their reply? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks for stopping by!

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