I don’t go shopping anymore…


Lately, I have been feeling quite blah when it comes to shopping. Why I have asked myself. I am usually quite spontaneous when it comes to including something new into my wardrobe, or accessory collection. But lately, its been a little different. Is it me just turning a year older and a year wiser? After recently moving homes, I have also begin to wonder if I really need all that stuff…(you know the kind of guilt or remorse you go through when you de-clutter?). Am I realising that I only need a few pieces of clothing or accessory to exist?

After much thought, to be honest I haven’t quite got an idea why this is happening. So lets call this WISDOM…for now at least!

But I thought since this has hit me, I will no longer call it ‘going out shopping’. Maybe, and just maybe if I gave it a different name, it might all change. So I  officially called my shopping trips to ‘going out for some inspiration!’ And I road tested this…

And the outcome is pretty amazing! Now, I find myself looking at things and stopping to think; Do I need it? What can I do with it? How else can I make it work? And I am not as impulsive which gives me a little bit more time to look around, compare and make a decision. Walah! So, perhaps it is a little bit of wisdom thats come with age…

Now, even Mr LifeAStyled  would not have to worry too much when I tell him I am wondering aimlessly in the malls, because really its not aimless shopping, any purchase I make is simply because I found my inspiration. And that’s a good thing…isn’t it?

Have you had a time when you’ve found yourself walking aimlessly in the malls feeling quite blah when you’ve usually been quite a good shopper?

Leave me your thoughts below…And cheers to being inspired!

2 thoughts on “I don’t go shopping anymore…

  1. I have been doing the same thing I am being more mindful in what I buy and not wanting everything I see.I am happier doing this as well.


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