Starting with a blank canvas in her room…

Ahhhh, the joy of motherhood, never a dull moment hey? It’s moving day and my 2-year-old LO is now going to have her own little space. Or should I say now daddy and mummy will have theirs back. Whichever  it may be, it is never easy. This is something we thought we might have done sooner, but there was never a right time. And I still don’t think there is a right time for the move into her own room. But given that she has been with us for two years now, and moving homes, we figured, it may be a good move to settle her into her own space. The feeling is a confusing one, half of me says its time to do it, and half of me goes, maybe another short while. Here is me just hoping maybe we can have half night in hers and half the morning in ours. We’ll see.


SO of course, mummy’s creative juices are spilling over! Woohooo, time to get a girlie room going. So we are starting with a blank canvas. Bought that little wall hanging from Gold Coast, and that’s going to be up soon. The words caught my attention straight away, as it rings so true. Will there ever be enough love for my little one? To me, these words simply reflect how vast a mothers love is, and how unconditional it can be. I hope my little one will look at these words daily and simply realise her daddy and mummy will always love her, no matter what it takes. Because, we will love you sweetheart to the moon and back. So the decorating continues…

Would love to hear how other moms and dads did this move of their LO, when and how did it go? Any tips?

Share below…

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