to a fresh start in 2014…

its the little moments that make life big

Like many of you, the New Years brings with it for me a new chance of creating a better year. Time to wipe out the past, and write new chapters! I have kinda always made a resolution, but am not sure I can say I have always stuck to it. Weight loss has always been on the top of my list, but this year I am doing it different.

This last few months has been hard for us as a family and me as an individual. I have had to deal with a move to a new place, settling my little 2 years old in, studying and working at the same time, dealing with a few difficult relationships and recently a miscarriage (click to read of my journey through this). It has been an eventful 2013. We are now moving again, and am truly looking forward to settling back into Melbourne where I have been for 12 years prior to 2013. Life is put into perspective when you have to deal with misfortunes. But all in all, through this our God has been and I believe is an ever faithful one. For every situation, He has provided us with ways to get through them. So, I am thankful for this…But never have I been this ready to bring on the new year.

2014 holds for me renewed hope and faith. My resolution for the upcoming year is a little different I would think to years gone by. In 2014, I want to be the person God wants me to be. A working woman who sees her career as a blessing, a mother who takes time to cherish her little one, a wife who spends time with her husband, and a child of God who will open her heart to the needs of others; friends and family, the hurting, the lost and the needy. I will be praying for renewed strength daily to perform the will of God. Whether it providing support, aid, help, a moment to listen, a shoulder to cry or food to eat. I think if we can all do even the smallest bit of our part, we can make 2014 different for another person. This is a challenge I give myself.

On a spiritual level, I am praying to renew my faith in God. My God has never failed me but as a human being, I sometimes fail to see my blessings and often see my misfortunes. So I hope in 2014, I will be able to see all trials as Gods way of steering me towards greater blessings. I want to learn to lean on God more and less on people.

So here’s to a blessed 2014! Stay safe everyone… and I’ll be back to share more through STB (see that beauty) in the new year!

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