This year, Christmas is different. A BEAUTIFUL DIFFERENT…


This year, there are no twinkling lights in the house. There isn’t even a christmas tree. We  have been through a crazy one month, after our neighbours house went up in flames, causing our house to be filled with smoke and soot. As a result, we have had to vacate and live in temporary accommodation. One month down, the beams are still covered in soot, and the house still smelling of smoke. Our contents thankfully are all out now in the process of being restored. What was meant to be a week of joy, with christmas carols in the background and christmas tree and decorating time very quickly become the worst week for us.

So, here I am sitting down wondering what christmas would be like this year. We have a two year old, whom is just beginning to understand the concept of Santa..How can I make this special for my little girl. This was not the Christmas I wanted her to have. As I strolled through the shopping malls, I begun to wonder what Christmas is for everyone? Has it now become too materialistic and commercialised? Have we forgotten the true meaning of Christmas?

As they say, christmas can be a beautiful time of the year where families gather and enjoy each others company. For us though this year, christmas will be different…

We have decided to go on a road trip for Christmas. As a family of three now, we have to make Christmas special for us. So, as a mom, I will still wrap a pressie for my baby, and we will still leave the cookies and milk out for Santa, because no one should steal the Spirit of Christmas from a child. It is sad to think about what could have been, at the same time, it is also a blessing to think that we have each other, and are still able to go away as a family. Am hoping to enjoy some carols, and some beautiful christmas lights along the way (and will be happy for some pudding too!)..we’ll take anything, in any form…because now I can see that the Spirit of Christmas is more than just the exchanging of gifts. This year, Christmas will be different..but we will make it a BEAUTIFUL DIFFERENT…..

Have a beautiful Christmas everyone! Take a moment to thank God, for the family and friends that have come your way, hold your dear ones close and be blessed this season.

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