Persist. Persist. Persist.

Sunday. Church day. Exciting? Yes I do like going to church. But today, maybe not so..why? Because I am slightly disappointed with life at present. Bad few weeks which has resulted in me getting angry and frustrated with life and God in general. SO off we go anyways… we are standing in a beautiful church hall with amazing praise and worship going on. When I stand here each Sunday, my heart is filled with Gods presence. The Holy Spirit is ever so present here. Goose bumps alright. 10am, take my little girl up to Sunday school. Some Sundays are easier than others with detachment and goodbyes as I leave her. Today was one of those not so good ones. I sit with her for a while, reassuring here that mummy will come back to get her and she will be just fine, playing with friends, and enjoying the activities the teachers have got planned. Try not to sneak out, so give her a kiss and say goodbye, get up to leave…CRY! not successful. 10 minutes later I try again..this time a beautiful teacher comes around and gives me a hand with distracting her. And off mummy goes back into the church hall where a visiting pastor from Melbourne was preaching..Happily sits down to listen. And BANG! the words I needed to hear today came straight at me…

‘You must persist in your prayers, don’t get tired of praying, do not give up!’ ‘Persist! Persist! Persist!’ , ‘God has His perfect timing for you, and if something you are praying for does not come to pass when you want it to, it is because he is preparing you for a birth of something big, something you may not even know you are praying for.’

There you have it…that was my Sunday at church. If that didn’t speak to me I don’t know what would. That had to be for me. Given how I have neglected my prayer life, more given up on it because I have become so weary and exhausted with all that’s happened. That has to be FOR ME.

So today, I was reminded to not give up on my prayers. God has a will and plan for me. I have to persist and speak His promises over my life. Claim His promises, and so I will. I may need to be reminded of this again and again as I battle negative thoughts, but WOW isn’t it amazing how God even had it all planned that I had to hear this message today giving me the ability to leave my little one at the right time to walk back into the church hall at that very moment to hear those exact words. So it is His plan, in His timing..and my job is to fervently pray.

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