That card that came in the mail..

Today was a good day. After a long day of attending some studies I came back to my hubby bringing in a lovely peach coloured envelope with my name on it. Excitement! I have not received a mail in my mail box in my name (apart from the telephone bill) that would excite me. So with a child in my arms, I reach for the envelope and ripped it open. A beautiful card awaits me. As I read through it, my heart was filled with great joy. It was a card from a beautiful friend back in Melbourne, one I would easily call a sister any day. A few beautiful excerpts from the card read:

‘Just wanted to tell you what an amazing friend you have been”

‘I’m very proud of you’

‘You’re the friend I could turn to whenever I needed someone to listen with an open mind and an open heart, You’re the one who 0stood by me through all the good times and, most importantly, through all the bad’

My eyes welled up with tears of love, tears of hope and tears of joy for her words were so encouraging and filled with hope and love. How beautiful it was to read through a handwritten card, where time and effort was put in by a loved one. Felt appreciated! It now sits on a display table at the entrance corridor of the house, a gentle reminder of a beautiful soul, human being and friend that exist in my life.

For a beautiful friend is a rare find, for this I am blessed…

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