When friends disappear..

shutterstock_152606219It has been a rather challenging year. We moved to a new place, leaving what was life for 10 years in Melbourne to the sunny Gold Coast. Yes it was lovely to have come to a nice and warm weather, but with a heavy heart, I was fearful of the unknown. Friends bid you farewell, with waves of goodbyes and warm hugs. Then…

Months go by. The many promises of ‘we will be in touch, we will keep contact, we will come to visit begun to drop off. I asked myself why that was. I was in desperate need for contact. Contact with people I knew, with people who knew me. But that was to change. Only the two that are still in touch, and I thank God each day for them.

I went through patches of happy days and down days. I began to doubt friendship and wonder what went wrong. Surely the invested time, effort and love into some of these friendships could have survived the distance? I was proved otherwise. Sadly, I tried to keep some going. It became a tiring process.The sense of desperation was evident in my outreach. Maybe that was what it has become. Out of sight out of mind? I was hoping that wouldn’t be true…

With time, with increasing activities and continuum of life, I begin to move forward. Some beautiful people have come around, and I thank God for them. They have reminded me again of the power of friendship.

God takes you places and puts the right people in your path, all for a reason. A good reason. Believe it…I had too, now I easily do.

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